The Academic Workers Union (AWU) represents the College Professors of Northwest Community College (NWCC), is a member of the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE Local 2409), and belongs to the Federation of Post-Secondary Educators of BC (FPSE Local 11).

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The AWU objectives are:

  1. To promote the cause of community education at Northwest Community College and in B.C.;
  2. To promote the professional development of its members;
  3. To assist in the protecting and enhancing the quality and freedom of teaching, thought and enquiry within the College;
  4. To co-operate with other bodies whose interests are similar, in particular with provincial, national and international associations of colleges and universities;
  5. To represent the views of its members on committees, boards, and other bodies responsible for decisions affecting education in the community;
  1. To facilitate communication among its members and the College Board, the administration, the student body, and the community;
  2. To promote the interests and well-being of the members of the bargaining unit of Northwest Community College and to provide a formal channel for collective bargaining with the administration of the College on all matters relating to employment, salaries, hours of work, holidays and all other matters affecting the welfare of the faculty of the College;
  3. To regulate relations between employer and employees through collective bargaining, to conclude, revise and terminate collective agreements and in particular, both without restricting the generality of foregoing, to function as a trade union pursuant to the law of the Province of B.C.




open doors

The AWU would like to hear from you – the students – about the importance of post secondary education. Send us an email describing why post secondary education is important to you and your community (minimum 300 words), and you could win free tuition to a NWCC university course! Also, please visit www.openthedoors.ca for more contests and incredible student prizes (such as free rent for a year!).


Student Profile

Parker profile photo
Parker Mckenzie
Smithers Campus

Parker Mckenzie is a recent graduate from the department of archaeology at Simon Fraser University (SFU). Parker started his post secondary education at the Smithers Campus of Northwest Community College. He commuted from Houston, BC to Smithers to take several anthropology and sociology university courses. Parker was the first student to enrol in the newly created Archaeological and Cultural Resource Management program in 2009 (Smithers Campus) and subsequently received his Associate of Arts Degree. He then went on to SFU and completed his 3rd and 4th years in archaeology, graduating with his Bachelors of Arts degree. Parker is a perfect example of how well students can progress in post secondary education after taking advantage of the NWCC Associate of Arts degree, offered in Smithers, Terrace and Prince Rupert. He continues to be engaged with the local campus and student population, and mentors students during relevant classes and field schools. Parker currently resides in Houston, BC, working part time with Crossroads Cultural Resource Management Ltd.